catpad (catpad) wrote,

У прекрасного loviginа обнаружилась фотография:

Именно в таком Доме Культуры я должен был бы проводить выставку Супергатари, если он когда-нибудь удостоится выставки.

И в этот момент необходимо, конечно же, процитировать бессмертное:

"I don't want a full house at the Winter Garden Theater. I want 90 people who just came out of the worst rainstorm in the city's history. I wish I had a theater that was only open when it rained...

I don't like it when people come up to me after my plays and say, "I really dug your message, man." Or, "I really dug your play, man, I cried." You know. I like it when people come up to me the next day, or a week later, and they say, "I saw your play. What happened?"

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