catpad (catpad) wrote,

К титанам

Напоминаю, что до завершения 2-го тура осталось несколько часов (до 20:00 по Москве).

А тем временем определён приз за 2-е место:

Это "The Art of Looking Sideways" by Alan Fletcher.
Описать её можно цитатой из одной рецензии на Амазоне (у меня всё равно лучше не получится):

"The Art of Looking Sideways is an instruction manual of sorts for adults to deconstruct their preconceived belief systems of reality. Readers are encouraged to look, see, explore, turn upside down, rip apart, and to ultimately rebuild that which everyday people believe to be true through a series of word plays, found quotations, paradoxes, and unusual truths. There are no answers. Just questions, and differences of perception.

The book challenges, enlightens, entertains, and ultimately inspires. It's ... a playful, witty scrapbook of collected thoughts, newsprint clippings, poetry, photographs, illustrations, and assorted junk found on globe trotting vacations by the book's compiler.

The design of the book itself is a work of art. No two pages are the same. Each idea, or question, is presented with it's own lyrical typeface and placement to further convey the essence of the topic at hand. At my count, there are well over 1,000 different original works of typography and layout -- a stunning feat in and of itself.

It's big, heavy, and worth its weight in gold. A classic."

Книга для Настоящих Титанов.

Tags: Битва Титанов

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