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Какое чудесное описание кремлёвского шабаша в New York Times:

Mr. Putin’s speech here elevated the Kremlin’s stagecraft to new levels. United Russia’s party congress led the national news broadcasts, which featured scenes of Mr. Putin sitting on an elevated viewing stand above each speaker as a crowd looked up toward him adoringly.

One speaker, a weaver from the Ivanovo oblast, or district, pleaded with party officials to find a way to keep Mr. Putin in office for a third term. “I see so many big bosses and just smart people at this congress,” said the weaver, Yelena Lapshina. “I appeal to all of you — let’s think of something together so that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will remain the president of Russia after 2008 as well.”

The use of a weaver from Ivanovo borrowed directly from Soviet iconography and the pantheon of state-endorsed heroes of the proletariat. Mr. Putin’s managers quickly topped even that clear symbol, as an athlete in a wheelchair rolled onto the stage and praised the president.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are lucky,” said the athlete, Mikhail B. Terentyev, a ski champion from the Paralympic games. The crowd broke out in applause.

Mr. Terentyev continued: “And while you are the president, the luck accompanies Russia. You have become a talisman for tens of millions of people, a symbol of the successful development of the country. Of course it is up to you to decide which place in the country’s political life you will occupy, but no matter what decision you make, I want you to stay with us, with Russia.”

Mr. Putin looked down from his seat, head tilted, eyebrows raised, emanating calm and power.

Я, конечно, уже видел Резника с медальным лицом и краснознамённым хором, который вещал "нет третьей мировой!" на каком-то праздничном концерте летом. Но оно как-то всё гаже и гаже становится.

Да, и ещё вот такое сегодня нашёл на Озоне.

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